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Welcome to our online payment website.  Please allow 10 business days from the date your citation was issued before attempting to pay. You should have your citation handy to make your payment.  We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. There will be an online transaction fee added to your payment amount and it will clearly be displayed before you submit your payment.

Please enter your Ticket ID including all numbers and capital letters as listed.  
Please enter the zipcode that corresponds with YOUR address that is on the ticket. This is NOT the zip code for the court office.

If you are experiencing a problem paying online, please mail in a money order or a cashier's check to Marion Municipal Court, 1024 S. Main St. / PO Box 1190 Marion, SC 29571. This court DOES NOT take payments over the phone.

!!! Important Notice for Late Payments!!!
If your payment was made 15 days after your court date, please contact the court for a Notice of Compliance.  You are required to provide your Department of Motor Vehicles with the Notice of Compliance, so that the Notice of Suspension on your license will be cleared.

Thank you!

Marion Municipal Court

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